A Guide to the PM’s Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Registration

Kamyab Jawan Program

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan deserves recognition for rallying the country’s youth, constituting over 50% of the total population, during the 2018 elections. He promised to boost their economic empowerment.

In 2019, he turned that promise into action by launching the Kamyab Jawan Program. This initiative aimed to tap into the youth’s potential by offering technical and financial support.

The Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program resonated well with young Pakistanis, and to date, it has disbursed ten thousand loans totaling Rs8 billion to ambitious youth. Usman Dar, the Special Assistant on Youth Affairs, unveiled this information.

The government’s goal is to extend this support to a million young individuals through the Kamyab Jawan program, demonstrating a commitment to fostering the economic growth and development of the youth in the country.

Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration for the Loan

The Pakistani government has introduced an online Kamyab Jawan Loan Program registration process. Interested individuals can visit the official website (which is provided below) for instructions. On the Kamyab Pakistan program registration website, you’ll find the loan application form in Urdu and English.

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Complete all sections marked with a ‘*’ as mandatory fields when filling out the application form. Your CNIC Number and CNIC Issue date are essential for initiating the online application for the Kamyab Rozgar Scheme. Select your tier and proceed by clicking enter. This user-friendly process aims to make it convenient for individuals to access the benefits of the Kamyab Jawan Loan Program.

Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Loan Program Tiers

PM Kamyab Jawan Program unfolds in 3 distinct tiers for the Ehsaas loan scheme, which is interest-free:

  • Tier 1: Unlock a loan of up to 5 lakh with zero interest (0%).
  • Tier 2: Navigate through loans ranging from 500,000 to 1,500,000 with a nominal interest rate of 5%.
  • Tier 3: Seeking a loan between 1,500,000 and 7,50,000? The interest rate stands at 7%.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme 2024, a crucial part of this effort, offers business loans and financial assistance, promoting economic growth and highlighting gender empowerment. Notably, 25% of the loans are specifically reserved for women. Additionally, the program contributes to community development by providing training programs, including Technical Training and Vocational Education and Training.

For those eyeing this opportunity, online applications via the State Bank of Pakistan open doors to loans of up to 25 million rupees under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. The overarching goal is to cultivate employment opportunities and combat unemployment. These Kamyab Jawan program loan details will be very helpful for you if you are thinking to get a loan from the government.

Kamyab Jawan Program App for Job Empowerment

The Kamyab Jawan Program sets out to create job opportunities and alleviate unemployment among Pakistan’s youth. If you wield an IOS or Android device, a simple download of the PM Nojawan Program app from the Google Play Store or App Store awaits you. The Ehsaas Naujawan Program, a social endeavor, extends loans to young individuals, empowering them to establish businesses and secure meaningful employment.

Guide to Register for Kamyab Jawan Program 2024 Online Registration

This application process is straightforward if you’re keen on availing yourself of the benefits of the Kamyab Jawan Loan or the Prime Minister Youth Launch Scheme. Here’s a simple guide to help you through:

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website at www.pmyp.gov.pk. This is your gateway to the Kamyab Jawan Program.
  • Locate the Application Form: Find the application form on the website. It should be easily accessible, guiding you to the next steps.
  • Provide Required Information: Complete the application form by furnishing all the necessary information. Be meticulous, ensuring accuracy in every detail.
  • Upload Essential Documents: Utilize the online portal to upload crucial documents. These may include a passport-size photograph, a copy of your CNIC, and any other degrees or certificates as specified.
  • Check Application Status: After submitting your application, keep tabs on its progress. To check the status, return to the website and click the “Track Application” option.

By following these simple steps, you pave the way for a hassle-free application process, making the Kamyab Jawan Program accessible to those seeking financial support and personal and professional growth opportunities. 

Register for Kamyab Jawan Program 2024 Online Registration

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan program apply online now via the button below.

Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Registration Form

Accessing the Prime Minister Youth Loan Application Form is a breeze; it’s conveniently located on the official website. Initiating the application involves a simple verification process, where you confirm details like your CNIC number, date of birth, and the issuance date on your ID card.

Completing the application form opens the door to the Kamyab Jawan Scholarship. The flexibility is evident as you can secure a loan ranging from 100,000 to 25 million Rupees through the PM Youth Loan online application. This streamlined process aims to make financial support accessible to aspiring individuals, fostering opportunities for growth and development.

Eligibility Criteria for the Kamyab Jawan Program

Meeting the criteria for the Kamyab Program and PM Youth Loan opens up avenues of financial support, but specific eligibility requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Aspiring applicants should hold Pakistani citizenship and possess a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).
  • The age limit for most businesses ranges from 21 to 45 years. However, the lower age limit for those venturing into IT businesses is 18 years.
  • A minimum educational qualification of a Matriculation (10th-grade) certificate is necessary. These are the only educational documents required for the Kamyab Jawan program.
  • A clean credit history is imperative. Applicants should not have any previous loan defaults or bankruptcy on their record.
  • Presenting a feasible and workable business plan is a prerequisite for those seeking a business loan.
  • Prospective applicants must secure a guarantor for the loan, and this guarantor can be a government employee, a member of an authorized professional organization, or an individual possessing a net worth equal to or exceeding the loan amount.
  • Loans exceeding PKR 500,000 will necessitate collateral (guarantor).
  • A noteworthy 25% of the loans are reserved explicitly for women, promoting gender inclusivity and empowerment.
  • The loan carries a modest 3% per annum interest rate, enhancing affordability for aspiring individuals.
  • Intersex individuals and people with disabilities are also eligible to apply, ensuring inclusivity.

These Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program eligibility criteria aim to create a fair and accessible platform for those seeking financial assistance through the PM’s Kamyab Jawan Program and PM Youth Loan.

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program Registration Website Portal

The Kamyab Jawan portal serves as your gateway to applying for a loan, simplifying the process with just a click. To track your application, visit the provided link: ‘www.pmyp.gov.pk.’ The all-inclusive website details the program’s objectives, eligibility criteria, and application process. The portal includes user-friendly online application forms customized for different schemes, including the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme and the Green Youth Movement. It’s more than just a platform; it’s your key to unlocking opportunities and realizing your ambitions through the Kamyab Jawan Program.

Applying for Kamyab Jawan program

The Kamyab Jawan Loan application presents a golden opportunity for young individuals:

  1. Accessibility through Affiliated Banks: An Ehsaas Jawan Program loan is within reach, as you can apply and secure it through any bank affiliated with the Nojawan Program. This ensures a widespread and inclusive application process.
  2. Empowering Youth through Self-Employment: At its core, the primary goal of this initiative is to ignite the spirit of self-employment among the youth. The intention is to mold them into strong pillars of support, contributing significantly to the strength of the entire nation.
  3. Application Tracking for Clarity: Post-application, transparency is critical. You can effortlessly check and track your application status by visiting the official PM program website. This step ensures that applicants are kept informed throughout the process.

The Kamyab Jawan Program Loan isn’t just a financial opportunity; it’s a pathway for the youth to become self-reliant contributors to the nation’s prosperity.

Phases of the Kamyab Jawan Program 2024

The Kamyab Jawan Program unfolds in three distinctive phases, each contributing to the growth and well-being of the nation in its unique way. Let’s explore these phases:

Phase 1 (2019): The program was set in 2019 with a budget of Rs. 100 billion. Its primary aim was to extend financial support to young entrepreneurs, paving the way for job opportunities that could empower the youth.

Phase 2 (2020): The program received an additional Rs in the second phase, 2020. 25 billion budget. This phase emphasized offering practical training to young individuals, enriching their skills across various fields.

Phase 3 (2021): This continued in 2021 with the third phase, supported by a Rs. 10 billion budget. This phase had a green touch, emphasizing environmental conservation and sustainable development. It aimed to inspire and assist young minds in contributing to green initiatives.

Banks Associated with the PM’s Jawan Kamyab Program

The Kamyab Program in Pakistan has teamed up with several banks and financial institutions to bring its initiatives to life. Here’s a rundown of the banks involved:

  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • Bank of Khyber (BOK)
  • Bank of Punjab (BOP)
  • Faysal Bank Limited (FBL)
  • Askari Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL)
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Meezan Bank Limited (MBL)
  • JS Bank Limited (JSBL)

These banks play a vital role in providing loans for different programs like the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme and the Green Youth Movement. Notably, these loans come with reduced interest rates and flexible repayment terms. This thoughtful approach aims to assist young individuals in launching or expanding their businesses, paving the way for them to achieve their career aspirations.

Exploring Kamyab Jawan Program Courses

The Kamyab Jawan Program offers different courses from places like the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (Nvattc) and UOL. These courses help young people gain skills for a better and sustainable future.

If you’re eager to enroll, visit the official site of the universities or go to “www.kamyabjawan.gov.pk” to download the application form. After filling it out, submit the form and the required documents to the relevant institution.

It’s worth noting that having an intermediate qualification is a prerequisite for joining these courses. This accessible pathway encourages young individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge, fostering personal growth and contributing to the nation’s development.

Green Youth Movement (GYM)

  • Solar PV Installation: Embrace solar technology through hands-on training in photovoltaic installation.
  • Organic Farming: Discover the art of cultivating organic produce, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture.
  • Energy Audit: Learn to assess and enhance energy efficiency in various settings through comprehensive energy audits.
  • Environmental Management: Understand the principles of environment and effective management for a greener future.
  • Waste Management: Delve into responsible waste disposal methods and recycling practices to minimize environmental impact.
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Equip yourself with strategies to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change, fostering resilience.

Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES)

  • Business Planning: Develop strategic and practical business plans.
  • Financial Management: Gain insights into managing finances for business success.
  • Marketing and Sales: Understand dynamics for effective promotion and growth.
  • Branding and Advertising: Create a strong brand identity and effective communication.
  • E-Commerce: Explore opportunities in the digital marketplace.
  • Supply Chain Management: Grasp intricacies for a smooth flow of goods and services.

The Hunarmand Pakistan: 

  • Technical Education and Vocational Training: Equip yourself with practical skills through technical education and vocational training programs.
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Gain hands-on experience and mentorship through structured apprenticeship programs.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Learn the ropes of entrepreneurship, from idea conception to business establishment.
  • Leadership and Soft Skills Training: Enhance your leadership abilities and soft skills for personal and professional growth.
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration: Bridge the gap between academia and industry through collaborative initiatives for skill development.
  • Job Placement Services: Avail support in securing meaningful employment through dedicated job placement services.

Kamyab Skill Development Scheme 

  • Construction with Heavy Machinery Operation: Acquire practical construction and heavy machinery operation skills through hands-on training.
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management: Explore effective management in hospitality and tourism.
  • Information Technology (IT): Develop essential IT skills for a dynamic tech career.
  • Textile and Fashion Design: Unleash creativity in textile and fashion.
  • Agriculture and Livestock Management: Learn sustainable practices in agriculture and livestock.
  • Healthcare Services: Acquire foundational skills for a healthcare career.

Startup Pakistan

  • Business Modeling and Planning: Craft a solid business model and strategic plan for a successful entrepreneurial venture.
  • Entrepreneurship Essentials: Master the fundamental skills and knowledge for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Fundraising and Investment: Learn the art of fundraising and attracting investments to fuel your startup’s growth.
  • Pitching and Presenting: Hone your presentation skills to pitch your ideas to potential investors and stakeholders effectively.
  • Scaling and Growth Strategies: Explore strategies for scaling up your startup and sustaining long-term growth.
  • Leadership and Management: Develop leadership and management skills crucial for steering your startup toward success.


Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kamyab Jawan Program is a commendable initiative that empowers Pakistani youth through financial support and skill development. With online registration, collaboration with banks, and diverse courses, it aims to foster entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. The program’s inclusive eligibility criteria reflect a commitment to positive change and a brighter future for the nation.


The program unfolds in three tiers, offering interest-free loans with varying amounts and interest rates:

  • Tier One: 5 lakh with zero interest (0%).
  • Tier Two: Loans ranging from 500,000 to 1,500,000 with a 5% interest rate.
  • Tier Three: Loans between 1,500,000 and 7,50,000 with a 7% interest rate.

Key criteria include Pakistani citizenship, age limits, educational qualifications, clean credit history, a feasible loan business plan, and a guarantor. Notably, 25% of loans are reserved for women.

  • The NBP National Bank of Pakistan offers farmers a beneficial tractor loan, providing financial assistance of 1,000,000 PKR at a minimal 3% markup rate.
  • The program allows you to invest in the latest tractors and machinery for your agricultural needs.
  • You can repay the loan comfortably over 5 to 7 years through manageable installments.

Upon submitting your online application, a representative from the bank will contact you via the provided mobile number to authenticate the details you’ve provided. Additionally, you can easily track your application status by visiting their official website.

Certainly! For detailed information, contact the helpline at “051-7062013.”

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