Zewar-e-Taleem Program Registration 2024

Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Education is essential for everyone, whether you’re a boy or a girl. Everyone deserves a chance to have good schooling. But, sadly, in Pakistan, not all girls get the opportunity to study because of money problems. Many parents can not afford to pay for their girls’ education.

In 2018, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, saw this issue and started the Zewar-e-Taleem program. This program aims to fix the big gap between boys and girls in education and help girls all over Pakistan. They want to ensure girls can go to good schools without problems.

Even though Imran Khan isn’t in charge anymore, the program is still going strong! The new Prime Minister, Anwar ul Haq Kakar, thought it was a great idea and decided to keep it going. Girls in classes 6 to 10 can get Rs.1000 monthly to help with their studies. Rs. 6 billion is set aside for this; they give it out every three months. It’s like a little extra boost for the girls rocking their education!

Zewar e Taleem Program Online Registration 2024

To apply for the Zewar e Taleem Program in Pakistan, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Zewar Education.
  • Click on the “Online Registration” option.
  • Submit all required documents.
  • Wait for some time for the processing of your application.
  • Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your phone.

In addition, the government has introduced the Khidmat Card to prevent corruption. Eligible students can get this card from their local center and withdraw Rs.1000 monthly from any bank or ATM. 

Moreover, for poor people, the Pakistani government has also introduced Ehsaas program. It will help them to get money on monthly basis.

You can read 8171 Ehsaas Program details here.

Zewar e Taleem Scholarship

The Zevar-e-Taleem Program is rolling out online checks for scholarships! It’s like getting some extra cash, but there are a few conditions. 

The Zewar e Taleem program is helping female students who go to public or government schools in 16 districts where only a few people know how to read and write.

The government kicked off this online check thing in 2024, and now the government is giving out money every three months. If you’re a girl from class 6 to class 10 and attend your classes 80% of the time, you could be eligible for this scholarship.

Zewar e Taleem Program Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for the Zewar-e-Taleem Program 2024 is:

  • Poor and deserving girls: This program is for those girls who need help and don’t have much money.
  • Students from class 6 to class 10: If you’re in these grades, you’re eligible for this program
  • 80% attendance: They want to make sure you’re showing up to class regularly.
  • Biometric verification: The education department needs to check and confirm your identity using some high-tech stuff called biometric verification.

So, suppose you’re a girl in classes 6 to 10, facing some financial struggles, attending class regularly, and are okay with a quick scan of your unique fingerprints or other biometric details. In that case, you might be eligible for support from the Zewar e Taleem Program.

How to Withdraw Cash from Zewar e Taleem Khidmat Card

If you have your Zewar e Taleem Khidmat Card and are wondering how to withdraw cash from it? Then, no problem; here are the two easy methods to withdraw money from the Zewar e Taleem card.

Method 1: Withdrawal through ATM

  1. Find an ATM close by.
  2. Stick your Khidmat card in the ATM.
  3. Type in the 4-digit PIN of your card.
  4. Once your PIN is confirmed, the ATM will ask you, “How much cash do you want”?
  5. Type the amount on the screen and hit the ENTER button.
  6. Take your card back.
  7. Grab your cash, count it, and ensure it’s all there before leaving the ATM.

But if ATMs aren’t your thing, there’s another way:

Method 2: Collecting Cash from Khidmat Card Agent

  1. Dial *267# on your phone.
  2. Choose “receive cash” and tell them how much you want.
  3. They’ll ask for your 4-digit MPIN for safety.
  4. You’ll get a text with a code to get your cash.
  5. Parents, take your computerized ID card to any Khidmat card agent and grab your money.
  6. Once you’re done, they’ll send you a text confirmation SMS
  7. Count your cash before leaving the agent. Double-check, just to be sure.

If things get tricky during this cash withdrawal, dial them at 0311-1111267. They’ve got your back!

Districts For Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

If you’re a girl in classes 6 to 10 and live in one of these special districts in Punjab, you can get Rs. 1000 every month to help with your education,

  • Khanewal
  • Jhang
  • Bhakar
  • Kasoor
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Okara
  • Lodhra
  • Wihari
  • Pakpattan
  • Rajan Pur
  • Muzafar Garh
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Chiniot
  • Liyah
  • Bahawalpur

If you’re in any of these districts and rocking classes 6 to 10, you might need extra support to fuel your education.

Zewar E Taleem Program Complaint Form

This plan guarantees that all students are treated fairly and with respect. If something’s not right, students can use this form to report it, and strong actions will be taken.

Zewar E Taleem Program Complaint Form


The Zewar e Taleem Program is a vital initiative in Pakistan to address the financial barriers preventing many girls from accessing education. Despite leadership changes, the program continues under the current Prime Minister, providing Rs.1000 monthly to girls in classes 6 to 10.

The program extends support through online checks, reaching girls in 16 low-literacy districts. Eligibility involves maintaining 80% attendance and undergoing biometric verification. Additionally, special districts in Punjab offer Rs.1000 monthly scholarships.


The program is open to female students enrolled in classes 6 to 10, specifically in the 16 selected districts of Punjab. If you’re studying in one of these districts and fall within the specified class range, you’re eligible to apply!

The program is currently available in 16 carefully chosen districts of Punjab. These districts are the focal points for offering educational support to female students.

Currently, the program is designed for students in classes 6 to 10. If you fall within this class range, you’re in the right zone to benefit from the Zewar e Taleem Program.

Parents have two straightforward methods to collect cash from the Khidmat card. The first option is to visit any ATM, where they can withdraw the amount similar to using any other card. The second option is to collect the cash directly from authorized agents.

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