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Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program

It’s tough to watch Pakistan go through such challenging times. Our government is putting in the effort to help those who need it the most, and the former prime minister started the ‘Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program. This program is about helping those struggling to make ends meet. Let’s take a closer look at what precisely this program entails.

Ehsaas Rehri Ban Program 2024

The Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program is a bright idea for tackling unemployment. Think about someone who doesn’t have fancy degrees or skills but wants to start a business. Well, with this program, they can! They get to set up a food stall, like selling fruit juice or samosas, even if they have little money.

This means a lot for families struggling to make ends meet. Imagine a parent earning enough from a small food stall to feed their kids. That’s why Imran Khan came up with the idea of giving out accessible food stalls to help people start their businesses.

Now, the new government is also stepping up. They’re offering support to those without degrees or skills who need a shot at earning some money. Whether you apply online or offline, you can get help starting your own business.

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program 2024 Online Apply

Are you looking to boost your startup? Now, you can apply online from home for the Ehsaas Program and get financial help. But before you jump in, let me walk you through the online registration process for the Ahsas Rehri Baan Program.

  • Head to the official government website. Take your time to read through all the details. Make sure you’re eligible before moving forward.
  • Once you’re ready, add your 13-digit CNIC number to register online. Hit enter, and your status will appear on the screen shortly.
  • Fill out the form, attach all the required documents, and hit submit. Follow any additional guidelines provided.

Applying for the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program online is as easy as pie. So why wait? Take that first step toward a brighter future by applying online today.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program

When considering joining the Ehsaas Rehri Ban Program, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria. Don’t worry. Eligibility sounds like a big word, but it’s a fancy way of saying who can join the program.

  • If you sell fruits or small items from a basket, like a greengrocer, you’re definitely eligible to participate in this program. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who run such businesses to get support and help them grow.
  • You might also be eligible if you face financial difficulties and eager to improve your business. This program is designed to assist those who are struggling financially and want to improve their businesses.
  • But there’s one more thing to remember—only Pakistani citizens can apply for this program. So, suppose you’re a Pakistani citizen and meet either of the first two criteria. In that case, you can take advantage of the benefits the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program offers.

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Remember, these criteria are in place to ensure that the program reaches the people who need it the most and can benefit from it. If you meet these requirements, you’re all set to apply and start your journey towards a brighter future for your business.

Ehsaas Punjab Rehri Baan Program

The Ehsaas Rehribaan Program was first launched at sector G-10 and G-11 Markaz in Islamabad. However, it’s currently limited to the federal city. The former prime minister has made a promise: Once he’s in power, he’ll ensure this program reaches all the provinces of Pakistan. That way, more people nationwide can reap the benefits of this initiative launched under the Ehsas program.

Ehsaas Training for Rehri Baan Program 2024

Apart from giving money to street vendors, the government also provided training sessions to help them improve their business management. They learned important things like how to manage their businesses and how to market their products. This training was all about helping them grow and succeed. 

Ehsas Rehri Baan Program: A Lifeline for Street Vendors

The Ehsaas Rehri Baan program is like a lifeline for street vendors in Islamabad. It’s here to protect them from having their carts taken away and facing hefty fines. Instead, it gives them operating licenses and helps them get loans to grow their businesses. Dr. Sania Nishtar says the aim is to make things easier for these vendors.

But that’s not all! Vendors selling tasty treats like pakoras, samosas, and more also get special cooking training. This means they can cook delicious food and sell it to happy customers, which is truly a blessing for the Ehsaas Rehribans.

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In conclusion, the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program is a beacon of hope for Pakistan’s struggling communities. Through this initiative, the government provides vital support to street vendors, empowering them to start businesses and improve their livelihoods. With financial aid, training sessions, and growth opportunities, the program is making a real difference in the lives of many.


Eligibility criteria include being a Pakistani citizen, selling fruits/small items, facing financial difficulties, and aiming to improve business.

You can apply online through the official government website. Enter your 13-digit CNIC number, complete the form, attach the required documents, and submit.

Currently, the program operates in Islamabad, but there are plans to expand it nationwide in the future.

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